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Statement: Interview with a releaser

Hi everybody, I’m the original creator of the Interview with an scene releaser which was published on May, 11th.

Torrentfreak traduced it into English and then published it on digg.

As you can see, it appeared on the front page and got some comments yelling out that the whole interview was fake. One thing I can tell you: It was NOT faked!

I was in the scene for a long whila. And I’m not talking about FXP or any other lame things.

I was there and I don’t miss anything about it. It gets worse and worse, competition is always getting tuffer. No matter how many busts there are, there are always new people entering the scene. The problem is: The bigger it gets, the bigger is the risk of some cops hanging around.

Some of you guys also complained about „nothing new here“. Well, I can tell you that this wasn’t what I wanted to do with the interview.

I wouldn’t have asked some „normal“ people for their questions about the scene before if I wanted to reveal something new.

Btw: By saying normal I mean people who usually dont have anything to do with the scene, torrents, warez or whatever is assimilated with those things.

If you want to check that by yourself and you know how to read german (or use the Google’s Translator function, duh), read this. It was the post which I published before I even starting making the Interview.

But to all the people complaining about nothing new:

You want something new? Ok, I give you something new.

Once I’ve been told by a pretty high member of the scene that they were running their servers in an old VW bus.

Cops knew about those servers hanging around in that server farm. So they did expect some busts and unwanted „visitors“ up there.

But why would they run those servers in those old hippie rides?

Well I’ll tell you that.

Once the cops came, they just drove away with the bus. Nothing was around did mean that there were no proofs.

I can tell you this now because the group doesn’t exist anymore.

And if you expected me to tell you more about the scene, forget it. I won’t.

I hope you Digg people now understand my point of view.



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