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Firefox 3 Releasedatum bekanntgegeben

Nach dem ganzen rumgeteste mit Alpha und Beta-Versionen hat sich Mozilla entschieden. Nächste Woche wird Firefox 3 zum Download bereitstehen.

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Mozilla will Weltrekord brechen (den es noch gar nicht gibt)

Mozilla’s Firefox Browser ist entegegen allgemein vorherrschender Meinung schon lange kein Nischenprodukt mehr. In den meisten Europäischen Ländern schafft es der Open Source Browser mittlerweile auf 30% Markenanteil.

Spreadfirefox.com will diesen Marktanteil mit einem Weltrekord noch weiter ausbauen.

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10 reasons&questions why my firefox is so much better than your IE

Firefox FlagOkay, now I have these guys at school which keep mentioning that they don’t need Firefox. They say Internet explorer does just the same work and you don’t even need to install it. Haha!

Damn, does your internet explorer manage to do all of this?

  1. First and most important: I’m less vulnerable to those pseudo-crack sites that use active-x scripting to install the „best anti-spyware program for free“ (yeah right) on my pc.
  2. Addons! Example: If you’re a web developer, you won’t get past the Web Developer addon. Does your Internet Explorer do that?
  3. I can delete all my cookies and my history with only 2 simple clicks. Does your IE manage to do that so quickly?
  4. Automatic updates without having Windows Update bugging me to do them. And yeah, I bet my Firefox even updates faster than your IE.
  5. If I have the Addon IETab installed, I can even open your Internet Explorer within a Firefox tab! Does your Internet Explorer manage to open Firefox in an own tab?
  6. Firefox actually gets CSS right.
  7. Does your integrated search field actually suggest you a search phrase? My Firefox does.
  8. I bet your IE won’t restore your tabs if it crashes. My Firefox does that.
  9. Does your IE beat firefox in page loading speeds? No it doesn’t.

Sorry guys, an english post… gotta differ ;-).
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