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Iphonized 1.0

Iphonized 1.0 Screenshot

In my humble opinion, there are only 2 nice things about the iPhone. Its design and its usability. So I’ve chosen to turn both things into a wordpress theme.
This theme is my first theme that I can proud call a „professional“ theme. It has everything: It’s valid, supports custom fields, the CSS is commented very well, it’s widget ready and its beautiful. To get the nice avatars runnig like I did in the demo, please install Gravatar.
Demo FP | Demo Posting + Comments | Download

Blue Paradise Version 2.0

Blue Paradise 2.0 Screenshot

This Theme was made as a reply to all the requests I got after releasing my first WordPress Theme, Blue paradise. This 3 column WordPress Theme supports 2 Widget-Ready Columns and many plugins as Wp-Ratings and Subscribe to comments!
Demo | Download

Hate Mate Theme

H8m8.com Theme Screenshot

This theme is quite simple but still a beauty! I made it for one of my projects which is called hatemate. If you receive any hatemail, mister hate is your man ;-).
Demo | Download

Serious Ric

Serious Ric

A very smooth theme for WordPress. Great for tech blogs!
Demo | Download

Blue Paradise


If you want a theme with brighter colors, try blue paradise!
It has the same features as Black n white and is released under the same conditions!
Demo | Download

Black n White


This very clean but still glossy theme is intended for personal blogs. Several plugins native suported.
Demo | Download

Evernight Theme


This theme is was my first one and can be used for all kind of blogs
This theme is based on a html template which I took from oswd.org. I still couldnt find the name of the creator, thats why I didnt include a name of the original theme for now. As soon as I know the name, I will include it.
Demo | Download

Crazy Ball Theme


This theme was made for a soccer blog I wanted to start but never got to do it. Now you can get it for free 😉
Demo | Download

Red Mistery Theme


This theme was my first sponsored one because I also needed to pay for the development costs. I wasn’t having the time to develop this so I had to hire some developers, which went very well.
Demo | Download

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.

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Hello webmaster, Nice blog posting about rdpress Themes. I would have to agree with you on this one. I am going to look more into template. This Tuesday I have time.

Ist da nur das „Serious Ric“ – Theme unter der Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License veröffentlicht, oder gelten die Bedingungen für alle Themes?

PS: Will nichts damit anfangen, ist mir nur eben aufgefallen.

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